An interesting episode featuring a discussion on what a “truly public Internet would look like, from the fiber optic cables to the social media platforms.”

Ben Tarnoff Wants an Internet for the People - Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure

“The only landscape we know is something dead.”

Utah Youth Climate Activists Hold Wake for the Great Salt Lake – Mother Jones

Moss and a mushroom ☺️ Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita.

Interoperability — a fairly fundamental tenet of the Internet. Simply, it means that different applications and devices can share the same data with one another.

Keyword: Interoperability - Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure

Why Does a Librarian Own a Social Media Site That’s Been Around for Longer Than Facebook? - Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure

Nate Hagens' podcast, The Great Simplification is always a deep, but very understandable and enjoyable dive into current, near and long term implications of how we’re living on the planet.

“Growth Until Not”

Douglas Rushkoff, “The Ultimate Exit Strategy”

A dark sky, full of stars with the milky white patches of the Milky Way galaxy

Looking south towards the center of the Milky Way (constellation Sagittarius), 10 second exposure with the iPhone 13 Pro. Amongst the stars are several cloudy patches that are either nebula or concentrated stars clusters.

Insects have weak ability to adjust their thermal limits to high temperatures and are thus more susceptible to global warming than previously thought.

Insects struggle to adjust to extreme temperatures making them vulnerable to climate change – ScienceDaily

High school senior Shiva Rajbhandari won elected office in Boise, defeating an incumbent school board trustee backed by local extremists

Idaho Far Right’s Election Loss to 18-Year-Old Climate Activist

We’re expecting in excess of 40,000 satellites in the next few years. Soon one out of every five objects you see in the night sky could be a satellite…

Fireball over Scotland was likely ‘space junk’ from SpaceX satellite | The Guardian