2023-03-24 My waste reduction effort This is about 8 weeks of waste. Not in this photo are the steel cans that …

2023-03-22 Living as though the future mattered I write this in 2023 when our climate emergency has become …

2023-03-20 Scientists have delivered a “final warning” on the climate crisis, as rising greenhouse gas …

2023-03-19 Expect the unexpected Six months ago I woke up at 2 am and the room was spinning. I went back to …

2023-03-18 From elephants to tigers, study reveals scale of damage to wildlife caused by transformation of …

2023-03-18 It’s brown, it weighs millions of tons, it stretches over 5,000 miles and it is headed for Florida’s …

2023-03-13 The northern flicker or common flicker, Colaptes auratus.

2023-03-12 Passerella iliaca, fox sparrow foraging for seed.

2023-03-10 A fascinating video about how the Earth and our solar system move through the galaxy. Our solar …

2023-03-10 Apparently debunking iPad misinformation has become one of my hobbies. Sometimes I’m able to …

2023-03-08 The After School Satan Club says it is a secular organization and its members do not actually …

2023-03-05 Auricularia americana, jelly tree ear or Auricularia auricula, wood ear. According to Wikipedia the …

2023-03-04 There is something very wrong with global food production. From farm to fork, the food system as it …

2023-03-04 Reports that the JWST killed the reigning cosmological model have been exaggerated. But there’s …

2023-03-02 20 years of blogging Well, it's 2023 and we've seen a nice resurgence of blogging and a new emphasis …

2023-02-27 There is, in reality, absolutely no reason to believe that the necessary changes will make us less …

2023-02-26 Going in the wrong direction. China approved the construction of another 106 gigawatts of …

2023-02-25 Last year, 3 million were displaced in the US. Millions more will follow – and neither they, the …

2023-02-25 Cyanocitta cristata, Blue Jay

2023-02-24 Three Lichens, posted together for easier comparison. Punctelia bolliana, Eastern speckled shield …

2023-02-22 File this under fun multitouch gestures the iPad can do. Pull a tab from Safari and hold. Tap the …

2023-02-21 We’re Crossing the Threshold of Survivability — And There’s No Going Back My friends in the Indian …

2023-02-21 Weeks of dry winter weather have raised concerns that Italy could face another drought after last …

2023-02-20 A welcome patch of green in the winter woods, Fan club moss, Diphasiastrum digitatum, known as …

2023-02-18 I love early spring rides in the woods. I can feel spring right around the corner! It's the time of …

2023-02-17 Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Okay, easy and also kinda healthy and vegan if …

2023-02-17 While the Files app on the iPad did start out as a pretty basic app that was far short of the Finder …

2023-02-17 Notebooks, a markdown editor with added features that allow for it to also be a possible Notes app …

2023-02-16 Forest within a forest. Turban cup lichen, Cladonia peziziformis. A species of cup lichen in the …

2023-02-15 Underneath thousands of feet of Thwaites Glacier’s solid ice, a bot filmed peculiar features, where …

2023-02-15 2023-02-14 20:19

2023-02-14 If you think the rich nations of the world are making real progress towards achieving limits on …

2023-02-14 Cladonia, Pixie Cup Lichen

2023-02-13 The excelent Mona app for Mastodon is now in public beta Testflight: …

2023-02-13 Jesus loved the people we hate. So the ad is actually aimed at right-wing Christians? The Servant …

2023-02-12 Punctelia bolliana, Eastern speckled shield lichen Moss, stereum fungi

2023-02-10 “Bernheim Forest in Kentucky is the largest privately held forest block in the eastern US, and …

2023-02-08 “A common, effective abortion-inducing drug could be banned nationwide within a matter of …

2023-02-07 I started writing yet another post about iPad and the Apple pundits' hot takes. That post has now …

2023-02-04 Thought I might get a little work done this morning. Then the cat. 😂

2023-02-01 Part two of my earlier post about working with cats. I've moved to my desk.

2023-02-01 Cats are not compatible with working from home.

2023-01-31 Blue Jay, Cyanocitta cristata. They feed mainly on seeds and nuts, such as acorns, which, according …

2023-01-30 American Goldfinch Black-capped Chickadee

2023-01-27 After a few days off the fat bike I finally got out for a nice ride on the still snowy trails.

2023-01-26 Snow Birds! Two dark-eyed juncos in a tussle Purple finch Northern Cardinal

2023-01-25 We had lots of very wet snow in southeast Missouri last night. Makes for some very pretty pictures …

2023-01-24 The eastern towhee, Pipilo erythrophthalmus. Not the clearest photo, but if you look closely, you'll …

2023-01-23 Turban cup lichen, Cladonia peziziformis. A species of cup lichen in the family Cladoniaceae. The …

2023-01-22 Some winter color thanks to the purple finches.

2023-01-21 Sharp-shinned hawk, Accipiter striatus, a small hawk, with males being the smallest hawks in North …

2023-01-20 Maybe I should be embarrassed but yeah, when I'm working on a podcast transcript I like to arrange a …

2023-01-20 The downy woodpecker, Dryobates pubescens, the smallest species of woodpecker in North America. I …

2023-01-19 “Thunberg said it was “completely ridiculous” that chief executive of the Abu Dhabi National …

2023-01-19 The pileated woodpecker, Dryocopus pileatus. Pileated refers to the bird's prominent red crest, from …

2023-01-18 Bewick's wren, Thryomanes bewickii or Carolina wren, Thryothorus ludovicianus, but I'm not sure. …

2023-01-17 “Almost two-thirds of sharks and rays that live around the world’s coral reefs are threatened …

2023-01-17 “Riot police backed by bulldozers removed activists from buildings in the village with only a …

2023-01-17 The red-bellied woodpecker, Melanerpes carolinus. I see and hear these pretty woodpeckers all of the …

2023-01-16 “Hundreds of thousands of young climate activists will continue “protesting in the streets in …

2023-01-16 “The oil giant Exxon privately “predicted global warming correctly and skilfully” only to then …

2023-01-16 Purple Finch, Haemorhous purpureus Male Female "The Purple Finch prefers nesting in lowland …

2023-01-15 If you feel helpless against the fossil fuel destruction, join us in Lützerath from January 12th. …

2023-01-15 The northern flicker or common flicker, Colaptes auratus. A beautiful woodpecker and is one of the …

2023-01-14 “The COP27 United Nations climate conference held in Egypt in November was a mixed bag …

2023-01-14 “The United Arab Emirates announced Thursday that the head of the state oil giant Abu Dhabi …

2023-01-13 “Data indicate that the top 2,000 meters gained about 10 zettajoules of heat between 2021 and …

2023-01-13 “The forest is not an object and it is not only the trees that burn. The forest is a composition of …

2023-01-13 “The plant will produce critical components for solar panels and build complete panels.” …

2023-01-12 When Carl Sagan said that we are made of star stuff, well, here's what that looks like on the …

2023-01-11 “In poorer countries, closer to the equator, the situation is much worse. Increasingly, people …

2023-01-11 “Abortion remains a top concern among conservative Republicans and anti-abortion activists …

2023-01-11 The moss bell mushroom growing from the moss is really tiny! Probably less than 12 millimeters. …

2023-01-11 Hieracium longipilum, the hairy hawkweed, found near the trail while on a dog walk yesterday.

2023-01-10 Mycena galericulata, commonly known as the common bonnet, the toque mycena, the common mycena or the …

2023-01-08 Photo from yesterday's trail ride. Taken along the backside creek inflow to the lake. Some pretty …

2023-01-07 I keep seeing this idea being repeated that because BP concocted the idea of the Carbon Footprint to …

2023-01-05 “The problem is that there are a lot of people out there who don’t care… Many, maybe …

2023-01-05 It’s impressive how large wind turbines have gotten, and, as a result, how far the prices have …

2023-01-05 An excellent thread on Mastodon exploring examples of positive human-nature relationships.

2023-01-03 There’s been way too much talk and too little action and commitment, especially in the United …

2023-01-03 “Volunteers hope to bring native wildlife back into abundance by reestablishing grasslands …

2023-01-01 New Year’s morning with Cosmo, 2023.

2022-12-31 Chasmanthium latifolium, northern wood-oats, inland sea oats, northern sea oats, and river oats is a …

2022-12-31 Last Caturday of 2022 Rosie

2022-12-30 192 Square Feet: Part 3 Previously: Part 1, Part 2 I shared about the first year of my tiny house …

2022-12-29 In 192 Square Feet Part 2 I wrote about my first winter living in my tiny house. Keeping warm with a …

2022-12-28 A scrolling multimedia exploration of the changes being brought by climate collapse. …

2022-12-28 Had a fun ride on the snowy trail yesterday.

2022-12-27 An older post from 2016 about the process of building my tiny house and the first few months living …

2022-12-25 The frozen memories of summer.

2022-12-24 Icey creek.

2022-12-24 Posting versus blogging I’ve been blogging for just shy of 20 years not counting my static …

2022-12-21 Working through my blog archive to simplify categories and came across this post from almost 10 …

2022-12-21 “Human composting — or, as it’s sometimes referred to, natural organic reduction — fulfills …

2022-12-20 “At its very essence, a lichen consists of a fungus coexisting symbiotically with algae or …

2022-12-19 Perforated ruffle lichen, Parmotrema perforatum. The large yellow-tan cup-like structures are a …

2022-12-18 “The global economy is structured around growth — the idea that firms, industries and nations …

2022-12-17 Surrounded by my furry friends this cold night. This is the best kind of cozy! 🥰😊

2022-12-17 “Environmental advocates say this is just the beginning to a cleanup that will likely take …

2022-12-17 Rosie, all curled up in snoring on the pillow behind me. Cozy Caturday.

2022-12-15 From the Guardian podcast: The Cop15 conference brings together representatives from all over the …

2022-12-15 “If current eating trends continue, the world will clear land equal to at least 1.25 more …

2022-12-15 On a ride yesterday a branch was in the path and it was completely covered in thick lichen. I …

2022-12-14 Freeform, the new kid on the Apple block I’ve always enjoyed using Apple’s Pages, …

2022-12-13 Feeling grateful for the green moss and flowing creeks that I get to visit on my trail rides.

2022-12-13 “Degrowth policies would be effective in fighting against climate breakdown and biodiversity …

2022-12-12 An otter visited the lake today. I’d seen a few in the creek a couple years ago but today was …

2022-12-11 A rainy day yesterday but there was a break just long enough to enjoy a ride on the trail.

2022-12-10 my two friends, Cosmo and Annie, waiting for a second breakfast. ❤️

2022-12-10 “Once you’re willing to debate whether one group of people or another should be abused, …

2022-12-07 I could have waited another week for the final release of iPadOS 16.2 but the temptation to download …

2022-12-07 A visually stunning documentation. “The most diverse group of organisms on the planet are in …

2022-12-07 Moss Sporophyte: Seta, Capsule, Operculum (capsule lid)

2022-12-06 Goldfinch, tufted titmouse and black capped chickadee

2022-12-05 One of my favorite trail ride sections is a patch of cedar trees with an abundance of moss near the …

2022-12-04 “China and the US, also among the largest emitters in the world, perform poorly on a …

2022-12-03 Junco! Another fun little bird.

2022-12-03 Revisiting one of my favorite quick meals: Peanut butter, banana, oatmeal smoothie. The base recipe …

2022-12-02 A small, energy efficient laundry machine for a tiny house or other small space. In the early 90s …

2022-12-02 Tim Chaten invited me to join him on his podcast iPad Pros to talk about the new Affinity 2.0 …

2022-12-02 Beau of the Fifth Column: Let’s talk about the railroads….

2022-12-01 Winter fat-biking sunset. The trail is so quiet this time of year, always relaxing. 

2022-12-01 Really loving #Mastoot by Discovered today that when viewing photos of …

2022-12-01 “Globally, only one in 50 new cars were fully electric in 2020… even if all new cars …

2022-12-01 The Northern Cardinal always provides some welcome color in the otherwise grayish brown winter …

2022-11-30 White-breasted Nuthatch, another winter favorite. #bird #Birds #Nature #Wildlife #Birdwatching …

2022-11-29 Tufted Titmouse, one of my favorite winter birds.  #bird

2022-11-28 “Some of Earth’s weirdest fungi, including types of lichen, mycorrhizal, and insect …

2022-11-26 Ilex verticillata, American Winterberry Taken on my trail ride yesterday. Fun to play with framing …

2022-11-24 A couple months ago I decided to try out a couple of iPad accessories from Moft. They have a series …

2022-11-24 Pixie cup lichen, Cladonia Unidentified mushrooms #mushtodon #fungi #fungiverse #sporespondence …

2022-11-22 “The loss of the amphibian from Costa Rica’s cloud forest was one of the first linked to …

2022-11-21 As many have said, 8 billion humans live there. But let’s not forget, we’ve identified …

2022-11-20 A goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C requires rapid, deep and sustained reductions in …

2022-11-19 The Lawfare Podcast has an excellent episode in which three well informed people have a coherent …

2022-11-18 Remember a few weeks back when the oligarch made a big show of entering Twitter headquarters …

2022-11-18 It’s a good thing I work from home because if I didn’t, this poor cat wouldn’t …

2022-11-17 I was lucky to get a couple of volunteer pumpkin plants this year so for the next few weeks …

2022-11-16 Serif recently released the long anticipated major updates to it’s Affinity suite of creative …

2022-11-14 We are still nowhere near climate goals. According to the most recent IPCC report,  to limit …

2022-11-14 A powerful example is Pakistan, where extreme rainfall on the heels of a glacier-melting heat wave …

2022-11-13 Possibly Bark Bonnet, Phloeomana speirea?

2022-11-13 Yesterday, with the snow, the Charlie Brown music playing and hot chocolate I suppose I was feeling …

2022-11-12 An unexpected and very pleasant surprise this morning!  Add a mocha, the Vince Guaraldi Trio …

2022-11-11 Okay, but really, this is pretty fantastic. And surprisingly honest. Actually, I can’t believe …

2022-11-11 Basically, LSVs are small electric vehicles that meet a specific set of abbreviated safety …

2022-11-10 The number of delegates with links to fossil fuels at the UN climate summit has jumped 25% from the …

2022-11-10 Importing some old photos into my library I came across pictures of Petunia, a Whitetail fawn that, …

2022-11-09 A Kulkalgal activist from the Torres Strait Islands has said the way the world often treats …

2022-11-09 Progressives had a lot to smile about as they woke up on Wednesday morning, after many of their …

2022-11-09 France just legislated that every parking lot for 80 cars or more must be covered by solar panels …

2022-11-09 Exciting day for users of the Affinity suite of creative apps, especially #iPad users. Serif have …

2022-11-08 Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita. #mushtodon #sporespondence

2022-11-07 Pleurotus ostreatus, the oyster mushroom, oyster fungus, or hiratake, is a common edible mushroom. …

2022-11-06 Macrolepiota procera, the parasol mushroom, is a basidiomycete fungus with a large, prominent …

2022-11-05 Love to see it! “In the week since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the number of people signing …

2022-11-05 Sitdown protests are part of a day of demonstrations in and around Schiphol airport Climate …

2022-11-05 They are the images that made us sit up and take notice. As world leaders gather for Cop27, these …

2022-11-05 Why The US Is Not A Democracy - YouTube

2022-11-04 This isn’t Democracy. New analysis finds that 465 billionaires had pumped $881,000,000 into …

2022-11-03 Exciting to see the recent growth of Mastodon and the Fediverse! Decentralized social network …

2022-11-03 Now, the capital is 1200 kilometers away and Karachi, home to 20 million people, has found itself in …

2022-11-03 Most people don’t know what early pregnancy actually looks like. That complicates abortion …

2022-11-02 The policy that’s been standard in northern Europe and Canada leads to better outcomes for children …

2022-11-01 Mycena galericulata is a mushroom species also known as the common bonnet, the toque mycena, the …

2022-10-31 Made my favorite fall/winter soup today: Curry pumpkin-coconut -vegetable. Cube 2 to 3 cups of raw …

2022-10-31 Salems Lot, one of my very favorite spooky movies, watching it today! The Story Behind One of the …

2022-10-31 “The bad news is that we have been ‘systematically underestimating the rate and magnitude of …

2022-10-31 Just to note in the recent actions by climate activists, the art has not been destroyed. Destroying …

2022-10-30 A significant portion of the US appears to have lost the capacity for rational thought. They seem to …

2022-10-29 How to Leave Dying Social Media Platforms | by Cory Doctorow | Oct, 2022 | Medium

2022-10-29 Galerina marginata, known as funeral bell, deadly skullcap, autumn skullcap or deadly galerina, is a …

2022-10-28 NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s mid-infrared view of the Pillars of Creation strikes a chilling …

2022-10-27 But wait, according to all the Twitter/YouTube/podcast Tech Bros, the iPad is broken and barely …

2022-10-27 “You wouldn’t believe this is the Mississippi River.” Mississippi River water levels plummet to …

2022-10-27 Omphalotus olearius, the jack-o'-lantern mushroom. Omphalotus illudens, commonly known as the …

2022-10-27 “The UN secretary general, António Guterres, said: “Emissions remain at dangerous and record …

2022-10-26 Tricholomopsis rutilans, common name Plums and Custard a species of gilled mushroom found across …

2022-10-26 Without drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the report said, the planet is on track to …

2022-10-25 Heat spells are increasingly costing people their lives and livelihoods, a new report finds The …

2022-10-25 Reliance on oil and gas worsening climate impacts and compounding food, energy and cost of living …

2022-10-24 A lot of people ask me how to get started blogging. I figure a lot more are going to want to know …

2022-10-24 Shaggy Bracket – Inonotus hispidus

2022-10-23 “I wept for the Earth because I realized it’s dying,” Shatner said. “It was …

2022-10-21 Talia Stroud from the University of Texas joins us to talk about her project Civic Signals, a …

2022-10-20 Alaska officials have cancelled the upcoming snow crab season, due to population decline across the …

2022-10-20 The disaster has killed 603 people and displaced more than one million residents Nigeria Is Facing …

2022-10-20 Interesting news in my local town, a new cobalt and nickel processing facility for lithium-ion …

2022-10-19 The Pillars of Creation are set off in a kaleidoscope of color in NASA’s James Webb Space …

2022-10-19 Mylissa Farmer’s water broke 17 weeks into her pregnancy and the fetus was dying inside her, …

2022-10-18 Vijay Prashard People’s Summit Speech from OUR TIME IS NOW #3 - YouTube

2022-10-18 The US and other developed countries are hustling to avoid a collision with developing nations at …

2022-10-18 I didn’t have a big garden this year but I was lucky to get a volunteer pumpkin plant and …

2022-10-18 51° in my cabin this morning! Chilly but I’m bundled up with a layer or two and slept under a …

2022-10-17 An artist’s reaction to the VanGoghSunflowers action, from an artist perspective: Part 1 Part …

2022-10-17 I call this Cat-in-the-lap mode. One of the benefits of the iPad, especially the larger size, is …

2022-10-17 Ministers are pressing ahead with a dual crackdown on climate protests and strike action, a …

2022-10-16 Since 1970, the scientists find that the population of fresh water species has plunged by 83%, and …

2022-10-16 Major shipping delays and backlog of vessels after region experiences lack of rainfall in recent …

2022-10-16 The most recent episode of the Climavores podcast centers on soy beans. Very informative.

2022-10-15 Unite Against Climate Failure

2022-10-13 Huge scale of human-driven loss of species demands urgent action, say world’s leading scientists …

2022-10-13 A Day in the Life 1:55pm, Thursday October 13th, 2022 Mine LaMotte, Missouri

2022-10-13 Many homes are now uninsurable and climate collapse will only make that problem worse. The …

2022-10-13 As a part of my ongoing effort to reduce the number of paid apps I rely on, I used Apple’s …

2022-10-12 Stage Manager for iPadOS is coming together For the iPad enthusiasts that are tuned in to the …

2022-10-12 Sunrise photos from my last bike ride on 9/19. An hour later I was so dizzy I could barely stand. …

2022-10-11 California accounts for roughly 95% of the nation’s processed tomato production and about 35% …

2022-10-10 “They want crime because they want to take over what you got. They want to control what you …

2022-10-10 Native Land Digital, an Indigenous-led nonprofit based in Canada has created a searchable map of …

2022-10-09 Bee bus stops first appeared in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Now the UK is planning for more than …

2022-10-08 My attempts to type were quickly disrupted by this sweet kitty. Happy caturday.

2022-10-08 Jon Stewart’s not holding back in this interview with Arkansas Attorney General, who fought …

2022-10-08 I’ve harvested pawpaws once from a few trees on the side of a gravel road. Amazing. A soft …

2022-10-05 Heartbreaking. I don’t know how to process the scope of this kind of suffering. Climate …

2022-10-03 Fascism. In red states, women’s options and speech are being dramatically constrained by the …

2022-10-03 If you have ignored or had doubts about whether the concern that democracy is in danger in America, …

2022-10-02 🏭 Carbon emissions of transport modes. For more in-depth analysis - h/t …

2022-10-02 “It’s not what it was 20 or 25 years ago; the storms are getting bigger and bigger, and it’s no …

2022-10-02 In Western Australia, an ambitious project to take thousands of farms and properties off-grid is …

2022-10-02 Climate collapse will continue to intensify the destruction. People will stubbornly, stupidly …

2022-10-01 From the Danube to the Loire, these lifelines for the continent’s economy are running low after five …

2022-10-01 This silent film edit of Tim Burton’s Batman by Ben Crew is fantastic. I think I may enjoy it …

2022-09-26 An interesting episode featuring a discussion on what a “truly public Internet would look …

2022-09-25 “The only landscape we know is something dead.” Utah Youth Climate Activists Hold Wake for the …

2022-09-19 Moss and a mushroom ☺️ Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita.

2022-09-19 Interoperability — a fairly fundamental tenet of the Internet. Simply, it means that different …

2022-09-18 Why Does a Librarian Own a Social Media Site That’s Been Around for Longer Than Facebook? - …

2022-09-17 Nate Hagens' podcast, The Great Simplification is always a deep, but very understandable and …

2022-09-16 Looking south towards the center of the Milky Way (constellation Sagittarius), 10 second exposure …

2022-09-16 Insects have weak ability to adjust their thermal limits to high temperatures and are thus more …

2022-09-16 High school senior Shiva Rajbhandari won elected office in Boise, defeating an incumbent school …

2022-09-15 We’re expecting in excess of 40,000 satellites in the next few years. Soon one out of every five …

2022-09-15 As someone who has enjoyed a daily walk for most of the past 30 years, I deeply enjoyed this. We …

2022-09-14 While the US still clings auto-based transport the world is moving on to the future. While Paris …

2022-09-14 Prolonged droughts and insufficient moisture can contribute to a tipping event that transforms a …

2022-09-14 Antheraea polyphemus, the Polyphemus moth, one of the giant silk moths. A beautiful moth, and so …

2022-09-13 A fungal disease that attacks while bats are hibernating has brought the tricolored bat to the brink …

2022-09-13 They won’t stop until they get some version of the Handmaid’s Tale. Republican senator …

2022-09-12 Orange Tufted White Caterpillar - Halysidota harrisii Image quality holds up pretty well given that …

2022-09-12 A small experiment on a NASA rover is tinkering with the alien atmosphere. Millions of miles away on …

2022-09-11 Jack Dorsey’s Former Boss Is Building A Decentralized Twitter “The software we’re building, …

2022-09-11 My aunt often gifts me her extra homemade cookies. If they’re of the really crunchy or sweet …

2022-09-11 It’s just symbolic but likely just the beginning of a larger, direct action movement that will …

2022-09-10 The “democracy” is a veneer. A decoration. An illusion. Ignoring the many structural …

2022-09-09 These images are fantastic. High-Resolution Images of the Sun Show its Chromosphere in Vivid Detail …

2022-09-09 I find Apple users' obsession with bragging about their iPhone pre-orders a bit weird. Future humans …

2022-09-09 For those using Apple devices there are a lot of choices for markdown apps. I’ve tried many of …

2022-09-08 The 12 Steps for Climate Grief: Steps 1–3 | by John Halstead | Medium Originally published at …

2022-09-07 4 years for being angry at a protest? Seems to me the state is proving how unjust and cruel it can …

2022-09-07 Going forward I expect this to become a theme in daily life as we try to adapt and cope. I feel like …

2022-09-07 This but everywhere. As much as possible. Cars should be the absolute last resort. European cities …

2022-09-06 A lot has been said in recent days and weeks about iPadOS 16 Stage Manager currently being used by …

2022-09-05 Morning ride moody cloud landscape.

2022-09-05 Greenhouse gases on worst-case scenario Atmospheric CO2 equivalent (all GHGs) is tracking above the …

2022-09-04 A nice ride this evening. September is slowly bringing in the cooler air and it’s so …

2022-09-02 “On this Day” feature of Photos app popped up a few images from two years ago. One of my …

2022-09-01 Sabatia angularis, commonly called rosepink, is a plant native to the eastern North America. It is …

2022-09-01 The number of people impacted by the floods in Pakistan right now is the size of a small country. …

2022-08-31 After spending the past couple of days working on a couple of documents for clients I wanted to …

2022-08-31 The usual middle of the night, half-awake mind meanderings down various rabbit holes. I think I …

2022-08-29 Growing in the sunny spots around the garden, garlic chives, sweet coneflowers and western ironweed …

2022-08-28 Found this pretty lady in her web on my front screen door. Safely relocated to a sheltered area in …

2022-08-28 What’s your favorite RSS reader? Reeder and NetNewsWire are popular. I’ve used both in …

2022-08-27 An excellent episode of one of my favorite podcasts, The Great Simplification: Kris De Decker: “Low …

2022-08-26 Judy Schmidt | Flickr processes astronomical images from NASA and other space agencies. Lately …

2022-08-26 As a teen I really enjoyed Chevy Chase in the Fletch movies. Jon Hamm is staring in the reboot and …

2022-08-24 A morning task: transplant 3 small hazelnut bushes. Also, enjoy observing a red ant exploring a …

2022-08-23 Over the past couple of weeks a series of pseudoscience articles have been circulating on the …

2022-08-22 Annie, one of my furry friends and so, so sweet. She was a stray in a group that ran by my cabin 6 …

2022-08-21 Cosmo, top, and Annie, trying on my glasses. They are ridiculously adorable. 😂🤓😍

2022-08-20 Rosie enjoying Caturday.

2022-08-18 Galerina marginata, known as funeral bell, deadly skullcap or autumn skullcap, a species of …

2022-08-18 Struggling to comprehend the full implications of the climate emergency is something that I do on …

2022-08-16 🚲📷 More bike love! This is a follow-up to my post yesterday where I shared my beloved gravel bike. …

2022-08-15 🚲 Hey fellow bike nerds, share your bikes! I’ve got two that I ride. This is my gravel bike. …

2022-08-15 It's been a few days of posting to and moving old Blot posts to and I'm discovering the …

2022-08-15 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Papilio glaucus, feeding on nectar from Vernonia baldwinii, the western …

2022-08-14 Very sad news but not surprising. From habitat destruction to climate change to chemical …

2022-08-14 Popped up on my iPad photos widget this morning. Love having old photos brought back to my attention …

2022-08-13 Rosie in the sink because only fresh water from the tap is good enough for her. Happy Caturday to …

2022-08-12 Anyone doing a separate link blog just using a page like this:… ? …

2022-08-12 All new posts moving to Micro Blog

2022-08-12 Marasmius siccus, or orange pinwheel, is a small orange mushroom in the Marasmius genus, with a …

2022-08-12 It seems fairly common amongst humans in modern societies that we seem to focus on our individual …

2022-08-11 It’s not really shocking though: Global heating has caused ‘shocking’ changes in forests …

2022-08-11 The Inflation Reduction Act is a step in the right direction in terms of shifting the US towards …

2022-08-11 The Inflation Reduction Act is a step in the right direction in terms of shifting the US towards …

2022-08-10 Top: Bantus Philemon, pipevine or blue swallowtail feeding from Monarda fistulosa, wild bergamot . …

2022-08-10 Vox has an excellent explainer on how climate change is simultaneously causing drought and flooding: …

2022-08-09 Volunteer squash in my garden. I think it’s a pumpkin though I have no idea where the seed would …

2022-08-08 Catching some soft sun rays through the trees on the gravel portion of my morning ride.

2022-08-07 I ride lots of quiet county roads and while I love the landscape of rural Missouri, I no longer view …

2022-08-06 A leaf neatly rolled by a mystery insect.

2022-08-06 Recorded several years ago. I was recording the waterfall, the dragonfly was a happy accident. …

2022-08-06 Rosie, taking over my lapdesk.

2022-08-05 Enjoying morning rides again. Casual pace, 40 minutes, 4 miles. Had a chat with a goose, watched the …

2022-08-04 An excellent and frightening episode of The Climavores Podcast: Today’s food crisis is a …

2022-08-04 Stage Manager and an external screen are proving to be really helpful. Of course iPadOS 16 is still …

2022-08-03 Morning Ride After taking a few months off from cycling to focus on various landscaping projects I …

2022-08-02 I’ve loved The Orville since the first season and Season 3 has only gotten better. Fantastic. …

2022-08-02 Seed ticks are already out! Normally it would only be an issue when I’m out on the trail in the …

2022-08-02 Solar punk tiny house! Flowers in foreground: Vernonia baldwinii, the western ironweed is the purple …

2022-08-01 Tiny world

2022-07-30 It’s a given that if I try to get anything done Rosie will come over and attempt to plop down on my …

2022-07-30 Hothouse Earth

2022-07-29 How everyone can participate in the climate solutions by turning individual actions into collective …

2022-07-28 Fantastic, easy to understad data visualization showing monthly global temperatures between 1880 and …

2022-07-27 Melanoplus punctulatus, known generally as the pine tree spur-throat grasshopper or grizzly …

2022-07-25 A personal encounter with climate change from Adam Horowitz, Dispatch: The Day the River Went Dry: …

2022-07-23 Morning dew

2022-07-22 Using Stage Manager on iPadOS public beta: Very useful with 3 windows, cramped with 4. Great having …

2022-07-21 Watching this interview with a young Ugandan Activist Vanessa Nakate and thinking about the …

2022-07-20 Iris domestica - Blackberry lilly

2022-07-19 DIY Climate Adaption: Diet

2022-07-19 When daily life becomes constant crisis

2022-07-19 DIY Climate Adaption: Diet

2022-07-17 When daily life becomes constant crisis

2022-07-16 Papilio polyxenes, black swallowtail

2022-07-16 Papilio polyxenes, black swallowtail

2022-07-16 Child rape, pregnancy and abortion

2022-07-16 Under the Milky Way

2022-07-16 Just another day in the climate emergency: England expecting heatwave and 104+ degree temps. 70,000+ …

2022-07-16 Just another day in the climate emergency: England expecting heatwave and 104+ degree temps. 70,000+ …

2022-07-16 With the fall of Roe we’re seeing just the beginning of what will be many terrible situations …

2022-07-10 Democrats and populism in 2022

2022-07-09 Pyrrhopappus pauciflorus, desert-chicory A species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. It …

2022-07-06 Yeah, I'm not a fan of the Democrats at all. Or the two party system or the system that we have in …

2022-07-03 Queen Anne's Lace

2022-06-30 Stephen Fry on Extinction Rebellion and taking action on climate collapse: …

2022-06-23 Passion flower Such an interesting flower! Seen on my morning dog walk.

2022-06-22 Looking south (from North America) at this time of year is looking towards the center of our galaxy. …

2022-06-22 Milky Way Looking south (from North America) at this time of year is looking towards the center of …

2022-06-21 Conjunction 2022 A rare conjunction of all the planets has been taking place the past few mornings. …

2022-06-20 Short, excellent animated video explaining the origin of fossil fuels and providing context for what …

2022-06-18 By the throat

2022-06-17 Built a new spiral garden bed. Not much planted in it yet: Mint, a purple coneflower and a ground …

2022-06-14 With 10 days of no or little rain, full sun and high temperatures, I’m glad I’ve got all …

2022-06-06 Looking forward to WWDC today, especially the bits pertaining to iPadOS. I'm really very happy with …

2022-06-03 It’s early days in this new reality of climate collapse. For the most part the people I know still …

2022-06-02 Central Newt, Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis.

2022-06-01 Orchard Orbweaver, Leucauge venusta. In the last image the spider has a captured tick in it's web. …

2022-05-30 According to Yale Climate Connections over 1.7 billion city dwellers now face multiple days of …

2022-05-30 So, plastic recycling is largely a farce and always has been. Americans support recycling. We do …

2022-05-29 14 years ago to the week I moved into my still under construction tiny house and was waking up to …

2022-05-28 In the garden today a great spangled fritillary on a daisy and my finger. Also a bumble bee …

2022-05-27 Made an exception to my practice of avoiding non-essential use of a car to take a short drive with …

2022-05-26 So, yet another school shooting followed by outrage and the familiar call for change. The ugly truth …

2022-05-26 A recent episode of the It Could Happen Here podcast provides an excellent exploration of 50 years …

2022-05-25 I'm not growing a lot of food in my garden but I enjoy every little bit I do grow! Most recently, …

2022-05-24 Chumbawamba - Well done, now sod off. A fun documentary about one of my favorite bands. …

2022-05-24 Plant happenings! Catnip in it's purple glory, honeysuckle and the small tree is a newly planted …

2022-05-22 A couple of weeks before Bush's accidental admission of war crimes against Iraq I came across photos …

2022-05-21 My handsome boi in his happy place.

2022-05-20 I've been back on Mastodon the past couple weeks and I'm enjoying it so much. And really, this time …

2022-05-20 Really enjoying this folksy labor music by Memphis-based musician Pink Willams: Country Songs for a …

2022-05-19 So, former president George Bush, who was responsible for the invasion of Iraq in 2001 was speaking …

2022-05-17 rosa arvensis salvia lyrata

2022-05-17 I had a nice visit with this crawdad the other day!

2022-05-15 Time for something a bit different. Slow motion audio consisting of birds, a few frogs, crickets and …

2022-05-14 Apparently there are numerous wildfires across Siberia. The new normal in the ongoing climate …

2022-05-13 Busy bee pollinating a wild geranium. #nature #macrophotography #insect #flower

2022-05-13 So, I discovered that WordPress can speak to the Fediverse via the activitypub plugin. Test post!

2022-05-13 Columbine, a native wildflower, interesting and pretty! Also, an excellent early spring hummingbird …

2022-05-12 Andrewism on YouTube: "Misanthropic, borderline ecofash narratives about humanity's relationship …

2022-05-10 Climate collapse: systemic change, individual and collective action

2022-05-10 My 12 year experiment in tiny house living. Added a solar panel this year. Hard to see in photo but …

2022-05-06 [](

2022-05-01 Rain drops on redbud leaves at sunset​.

2022-04-29 Black haw, viburnum, in bloom around here now. Beautiful little clusters of flowers.

2022-04-27 Violet wood-sorrel These are not as common in our woodland as some of the other early spring flowers …

2022-04-26 Sweetie napping at sunset.

2022-04-26 The ticks are awake! They'll be a nuisance for the next 3 months. I worked clearing out honeysuckle …

2022-04-25 Tadpole Spring Beauty - Claytonia virginica

2022-04-17 Yes, this. The last 6 months or perhaps 30 years of geopolitics summarised in 90 seconds. Respect. …

2022-04-16 Dutchmen’s Breeches in front of my cabin - beautiful early spring wildflowers!

2022-04-11 Day-to-day business

2022-04-05 []( …

2022-04-04 Solar Punk

2022-02-22 Extreme Living

2022-01-05 Climate change requires degrowth

2021-10-28 Apple continues to lead on renewable energy

2021-10-13 2021 General Strike?

2021-09-02 Flooding and Burning

2021-08-29 Back in the late 90s, Memphis, engaged in a bit of community/neighborhood media activism in the form …

2021-08-26 An early morning bike ride with a view of the waning moon over distant mist covered fields: …

2021-08-19 From a recent trail ride on the fat bike.

2021-08-17 Another butterfly observed along the road on my daily bike ride. This time a great spangled …

2021-08-16 From a recent bike ride, a spicebush swallowtail on bee balm.

2021-08-15 False Caesar’s Mushroom, Amanita parcivolvata - seen near the trail during my regular bike ride.

2021-08-15 Thinking of Loretta

2021-08-07 Climate Change Update: 2021-8-7

2021-07-24 Ride Journal 2021-7-24

2021-07-10 Climate change in California

2021-06-27 Fredericktown Hate Crime?

2021-06-16 Bird Song

2021-06-15 A young woman of color engineer is living her dream at NASA!

2021-06-12 Fixing Climate Change and Biodiversity at the same time

2021-06-05 Dark matter galaxy structure

2021-06-04 American Water Willow

2021-06-03 Grassroots Authoritarianism in the US

2021-06-03 Daily Updates?

2021-06-01 Lush ride through a Missouri woodland.

2021-05-20 Ramaria, a coral fungi, that I found on the trail.

2021-05-08 Firepink seen while riding the creek trail.

2021-05-05 My fat bike, a few weeks ago, when I cleaned it and upgraded the drivetrain to a Microshift 1x9. …

2021-04-30 Atlantic camas, a native, wild hyacinth. I walk or ride this trail a few times a day and am really …

2021-04-27 My daily trail ride takes me along this very pretty little creek where I’m often treated to a brief …

2021-04-11 Riding a fat bike on a curvy trail through the woods is about the best thing ever.

2021-04-10 Spring Wildflowers

2021-03-18 Learning to walk in the woods

2021-03-07 How we move forward

2021-02-22 Tumbling and Exploring

2021-02-04 Climate Change and Personal Responsibility

2020-12-24 Gravity Bullseye Monster Long-term review

2020-12-21 2020 - My return to peddling

2020-12-14 Fat bike fitting: fixing a wide stance

2020-12-05 Gravel bike tires compared- WTB Nanos and Hutchinson Touaregs

2020-11-21 Comparing the fit and trail riding experience on the gravel and fat bikes

2020-11-08 Adventure Bike Wheel Sizes- 650b or 700c?

2020-11-02 2020: Ugly and Uglier

2020-09-13 Exploring on two wheels

2020-09-08 Poseidon X Review Follow-up

2020-08-24 Going slow...

2020-08-04 Poseidon X Review

2020-07-31 1,000

2020-07-14 Bike and Trail Updates

2020-07-10 4am

2020-07-06 Apparently my life now revolves around bikes

2020-06-21 A month of trail riding

2020-05-28 Ride, ride, ride

2020-05-16 Road Ride

2020-05-10 In the woods

2020-05-09 Riding the trails

2020-04-27 Gravity Bullseye Monster Fat Bike Initial Impressions

2020-04-17 Trail Building Fun

2020-04-11 Chunky gravel and punctured tubes

2020-04-05 Outside for the season

2020-03-18 Some GoPro fun

2020-03-12 Back Country

2020-03-09 Peddling Fool

2020-02-28 Rover Rides and more on Local Cycling Project

2020-02-19 Roving with the Rad Rover

2020-02-16 Ride Updates

2020-02-12 Rad Rover First Impressions Mini Review

2020-02-06 Spokes and Folks

2020-02-06 Ride Updates

2020-01-25 400

2020-01-25 Cycling Project Update

2020-01-17 Fredericktown Cycling Project

2020-01-17 Next Stop, 400 Miles!

2020-01-15 One Hour Adventure

2020-01-12 20x4 Fat Tires

2020-01-12 240 miles

2020-01-10 Madison County Cycling Proposal

2020-01-05 14 Days of E-Bike Fun

2020-01-05 1 Point 5

2019-12-27 Rides 12-25 to 12-26

2019-12-25 Micromobility Defined

2019-12-24 Dipping further into micromobility

2019-12-24 E-bike Ride Journal 12-24-19

2019-12-23 E-bike Ride Journal

2019-12-22 Lectric XP E-Bike Review

2019-12-20 Rural Cycling and Micromobility

2019-12-19 Kitchen Appliances

2019-12-17 My Tiny House Updates

2019-12-17 Historical

2019-12-14 Coping with the downpour of lies

2019-12-14 Bully

2019-12-02 Worth a watch. The Plastic Problem - PBS NewsHour. Like climate change, the plastic problem seems to …

2019-12-01 Climate emergency: Crossing the tipping point

2019-11-22 American Bittersweet

2019-11-22 Internet Growing Pains and “Social Media”

2019-11-21 Webiversary

2019-10-24 Facebook is toxic

2019-10-19 I always love the golden light of a sunset on trees against a dark sky background. Subtle rainbow a …

2019-09-19 North America Has Lost Nearly 3 Billion Birds Since 1970 - Science - Smithsonian I guess I’m not all …

2019-08-20 Been thinking about, the open web, and social media and wrote about it here.

2019-08-16 I have found what may be my favorite YouTube channel ever. Botany delivered by a guy with a thick …

2019-08-16 Morning walk…

2019-07-20 50 Years after landing on the moon: Thoughts on a the potential of humanity

2019-05-17 Only Radical Transformation...

2019-05-11 Species Extinction Accelerating

2019-05-10 A Sense of time

2019-04-18 I Hear it’s a good read...

2019-04-10 First ever black hole image released

2019-01-28 Climate Change, Corporations AND Us

2019-01-22 Climate Change Gloom

2019-01-15 More Quickly

2019-01-12 The Beauty of Science

2018-12-26 We’re visiting a distant world on January 1, 2019

2018-12-24 Tasting Climate Change

2018-12-19 Sometimes you go for a walk and forget your hat so you use your fanny pack. Yes, I have a fanny …

2018-12-18 Not the best photo in terms of quality due to cropping but I love it because, well, Snow Goose! Just …

2018-12-18 The gold of a winter sunset.

2018-12-05 Big Bang in 2D

2018-12-04 Sunrise over the lake and a quiet cabin.

2018-10-16 Fall morning water harvesting

2018-10-09 My tiny house sits under a shag bark hickory and this year I’ve had lots of hickory nuts falling. An …

2018-10-08 This shouldn’t surprise anyone. U.N. climate report shows civilization is at stake if we don’t act …

2018-10-07 Daydreaming.

2018-10-03 Taken on this day a couple years ago. Found using Vittici’s This Day Shortcut.

2018-09-19 Spent the day, the whole day, at least 8 hours, trying to learn more about how to save time with iOS …

2018-09-18 Shroom!

2018-09-16 Had a very nice visit with 8 or so friends. We have a weekly coffee get together, rotating to …

2018-09-14 Little Shroom

2018-09-11 I just adore frogs and this little friend is a leopard frog!

2018-08-26 Interesting little mushroom. Looks like a chocolate swirl!

2018-08-22 An unidentified but very interesting moth…


2018-08-12 Delicate little mushroom…

2018-06-27 Yikes. A huge stretch of the Arctic Ocean is rapidly turning into the Atlantic. That’s not a good …

2018-06-19 The U.S. nightmare

2018-06-19 Funny story… i go outside to move the hose. Come back and as I’m coming into the house, door …

2018-05-19 After a day of clouds and storms, stars and the song of frogs and crickets. Sigh.

2018-04-23 A recent sunset. The frogs are singing and it’s so sweet.

2018-04-23 Thanks to an update by Serif in early 2018, the iPad Files app is a great way to manage your …

2018-04-22 Over at Beardy Guy Musings I’ve got a post about trying Drafts again. Not sure it will stick this …

2018-04-18 I am surrounded by furry critters. That is all.

2018-03-11 Since HomePod I’ve done a bit of thinking about how I use the iOS ecosystem: touch, typing, voice, …

2018-02-22 The AR-15 is Different

2018-02-18 Tufted Titmouse!

2018-02-15 About American Violence

2018-02-14 Revisiting iTunes with HomePod I’ve been enjoying my old music along with the new but using iTunes …

2018-02-13 HomePod: Sometimes great, sometimes just grrrrrrrrrrr. This is the kind of device that I want to …

2018-02-04 iPad Journal: Using an iPad to maintain websites – my workflow. It’s been two weeks & I’ve seen …

2018-01-21 Over at Beardy Guy Musings, thinking about how I create & manage websites w/ iPad as my primary …

2018-01-07 Goldfinch! [caption id=“attachment_1325” align=“aligncenter” …


2017-12-31 Tufted titmouse

2017-12-27 A sweet Nuthatch on this cold winter day.

2017-12-26 I ordered the AirPods within minutes of them going on sale and have had a full year with them. I …


2017-12-26 Woke up thinking about creating, sharing, blogging, social media. I’ve been blogging since 2002. Had …

2017-12-23 My furry friends are so sweet together. ❤️

2017-12-22 If you’re not busy we’re ready for our walk.

2017-12-22 Another reason to love Carl Sagan.


2017-12-19 Over at Beardy Guy Musings, my Apple and tech oriented blog, I’ve written up a few thoughts on …

2017-12-19 I’ve only been on for a week or so but something I’ve noticed is that it seems to be 99% …

2017-12-16 One of three turtle shells found on a recent walk.



2017-12-15 A few thoughts on a proactive Siri, perhaps with “Siri Scenes” in HomeKit. Imagine the morning alarm …

2017-12-13 Downy Woodpecker

2017-12-11 It’s too late to stop it. We can only hope to adapt and mitigate. But if we don’t all take …

2017-12-11 And when climate change intensified things happen, be they increased wildfires, more intense …

2017-12-11 We keep waiting for government to regulate our lives and tell us how to live. We see that it …

2017-12-11 I see many talking about the starving polar bear video. We all see the wildfires in California. We …

2017-12-11 It’s December and right now, in Missouri, we have wildfire warnings. We’ve had months of drought and …

2017-12-09 Ice flower. For those that may not know, this is the result of water freezing inside of plant …

2017-12-09 Enjoyed my first day browsing around Has a very functional, clean feel. No cruft. Will …

2017-12-08 A few days ago I came across this post on Instagram.. Gut wrenching. Most weeks I only get in a car …


2017-12-08 15° this morning. I celebrated with the first bird feeding of this winter. Many feathered and furry …





2017-10-17 What is Earth Made of

2017-09-27 NASA e-Books

2017-09-26 I just watched the International Space Station fly overhead. Soundtrack: “ISS - Is Somebody Singing” …

2017-09-18 Story of a sunset

2017-09-18 A have an armadillo visiting often. Perhaps sleeping under my cabin. It is adorable and I have named …

2017-09-12 “An ignorant mind is precisely not a spotless, empty vessel, but one that’s filled with the …

2017-09-05 Celebrating 40 years of Voyager

2017-09-01 TED Talk - Worker Co-ops

2017-08-30 Swales and ducklings

2017-08-30 Harvey is the new normal

2017-08-28 Podcasts

2017-08-25 Back to the night sky

2017-08-23 Eclipse



2017-08-20 Voyager at 40

2017-08-18 Understanding the eclipse by creating a to-scale demonstration of orbits and moon phases

2017-08-15 Star Trek Voyager

2017-08-15 With the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia and Trump’s predictable lack of …

2017-08-13 Pale Blue Dot

2017-08-13 What a strange world we live in. The beauty of the non-human world constantly amazes me. Humans …

2017-08-10 Just Breath

2017-08-10 [gallery size=full columns=1] A presentation for our local library. We’re getting closer to …



















2017-06-02 Jupiter in an amazing fly-by video






2017-06-02 I’ve decided to make it a bit easier on myself to post more frequent updates, specifically …


2017-06-02 It is obvious at this point but I’ll just say it, Donald Trump is a fool. Ignorant, arrogant, …


2017-06-02 Experimenting with microblogging.

2017-05-26 This post over at Information is Beautiful is excellent: Mavericks & Heretics. It’s 2017 …

2017-04-24 Apple and the environment

2017-03-20 We are the power

2017-03-19 Painting the Horsehead Nebula

2017-02-18 Sharing Orion

2017-02-12 Downhill

2017-02-12 Eternity

2016-12-31 Painting the Lagoon Neblua

2016-12-08 Precarious

2016-11-19 Kakistocracy

2016-11-10 It’s up to us

2016-11-02 Old wood nooks, crannies and shelves

2016-10-11 Barack Obama: America will take the giant leap to Mars

2016-10-07 Finishing the Herschel I program

2016-09-28 Looking at other galaxies

2016-09-19 Painting the Orion Nebula

2016-09-15 Off the Charts Heat

2016-09-14 22,000 Years of Climate Change

2016-09-08 Effects of Climate Change Creeping In

2016-09-01 Painting the Eagle Nebula

2016-08-29 Star Trek: A Future Without Money?

2016-08-29 NASA's Juno Completes Jupiter Flyby

2016-08-09 Star Trek Stamps!

2016-08-04 192 Square Feet: Part 2

2016-07-21 192 Square Feet

2016-07-01 Our Gigaton Future

2016-06-30 Apple and NASA collaborate on short film to celebrate Juno Mission: ‘Visions of Harmony’

2016-06-11 Observing Mars

2016-06-10 Big on Small

2016-06-10 The New Diggs!!

2016-05-17 Alone but not lonely

2016-05-08 Spring 2016 Garden Update

2016-04-08 Sunset Time-lapse

2016-03-19 When People Die

2016-03-18 Cloudy Day Time-lapse

2016-03-16 Vulnerability, change and growth

2016-03-11 Of legends and fuck-ups

2016-03-11 Back at the Lake or Life is like a box of chocolates...

2016-02-14 Gravitational Waves Discovered

2016-02-14 Getting lost in NASA - The Curiosity Rover has a Chemcam Blog

2016-02-14 An erratic blogger

2016-01-05 Discovery 12.5 Dobsonian: Initial Thoughts

2015-06-25 Pigweed!

2015-06-17 Video: Swale Update

2015-06-07 Permaculture Poster One

2015-06-05 Ducks, the universe and turning 46

2015-06-03 The U.S. Political System is BROKEN

2015-05-04 Permaculture Progress

2015-04-19 Permaculture at Make-it-Do

2015-04-02 Lab Revolution

2015-03-30 Busy Spring!

2015-03-04 Recycled Wood Shelving

2015-03-04 Staying Warm

2015-03-03 Free Ebook Today!

2015-02-20 A Sentient Being

2015-02-16 Idealism, Diplomacy, and the Pale, Blue Dot

2015-02-12 It Could Happen

2015-02-12 Illustration: Common Components of Vaccines

2015-02-11 Apple and the environment

2015-02-10 A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science

2015-02-10 Concerning the feelings of anti-vaxxers

2015-02-08 Seeing the cosmos all around us

2015-02-07 Particle Fever

2015-02-06 A Guide to Leaving Facebook

2015-02-05 Lots coming... stay tuned.

2015-02-05 Riding Light

2015-02-03 Domestic Bliss

2015-02-02 Remembering NASA's Fallen

2015-02-02 An interesting ad that has pissed off creationists

2015-01-24 DIY Well Pump Replacement

2015-01-22 Upside Down Iceberg

2015-01-22 Free Kindle Book and Giveaway

2015-01-19 Viewing Comet Lovejoy

2015-01-16 Goodbye Talula

2015-01-15 Homeschool Star Party

2015-01-12 Little Brook has begun learning math!

2015-01-12 A Busy Place

2015-01-08 Ultra High Res Portrait of the Andromeda Galaxy

2015-01-02 Star Trek and Humanity

2014-12-30 Winter Visits

2014-12-20 Of Chickens Roosting

2014-11-23 White Privilege

2014-10-26 Branching Out

2014-09-27 Finding Paw Paws

2014-09-17 The Milky Way Reflected

2014-09-17 Just another day in Wonderland

2014-09-16 The Unhappy Medium

2014-09-06 Racism ruined my dinner

2014-08-29 Our Star

2014-08-29 Skeptics on the Creek

2014-08-29 Simple Beauty

2014-08-27 Jon Steward on Ferguson and Fox News

2014-08-27 The Maker

2014-08-25 Free to Be - Free Kindle Promo!

2014-08-25 Episode 5 of our podcast Rhubarb and Sam

2014-08-18 Murder in Ferguson?

2014-08-18 John Oliver on Ferguson and the Police

2014-08-08 Great Tomatoes!

2014-07-31 Rhubarb and Sam, Episode 4

2014-07-30 Wonderland

2014-07-15 Rhubarb and Sam, Episode 3

2014-06-28 Facebook Science?

2014-06-16 Rainbows

2014-06-09 Rhubarb and Sam, Episode 2

2014-06-07 Our Podcast

2014-06-05 Apple cider vinegar is not a "healing tonic" or cure-all

2014-05-31 Growing into skepticism

2014-05-27 Always be skeptical

2014-05-26 Atheists not allowed to hold office in seven states?!

2014-05-23 Almost all of the tomatoes planted!

2014-05-18 Crab apple!

2014-05-11 Astronomy Outreach with the BSA

2014-05-11 The Con Academy Video Series

2014-05-06 National Climate Assessment for Agriculture

2014-05-05 National Climate Assessment

2014-05-03 Creationism by another name

2014-04-26 Skeptic Toolkit - Peer Reviewed Science

2014-04-26 Reflections of an Unintentionally Undercover Atheist

2014-04-19 YouTube Channel

2014-04-19 2014 Spring Garden Update

2014-04-15 Lunar Eclipse

2014-03-24 Cosmos Wars

2014-03-24 Creationism: defender of superstition

2014-03-21 Atheist Morality

2014-03-20 Kaleesha's Book!

2014-03-11 Cosmic Dance

2014-03-04 New York Times Cosmos Review

2014-03-03 A Reassuring Fable

2014-02-28 Free to Discriminate

2014-02-22 A Credulous Mind

2014-02-08 Supernova!

2014-02-06 Lunch with Carl

2014-02-04 Sweetness

2014-02-03 Standing Desk Experiment

2014-02-02 Actually reading the Bible

2014-01-31 Of Monarchs and Birthdays

2014-01-30 Wikipedia - I'm a fan

2013-12-25 Tucker Creek Observatory Update!

2013-12-25 Something Decidedly Different

2013-11-10 Carl's Birthday

2013-10-10 Tucker Creek Observatory - Night Shot

2013-09-23 Tucker Creek Observatory

2013-08-09 Accepting Complexity

2013-08-03 Bringing Permaculture to Make-It-Do

2013-08-01 Building a Partnership With Kaleesha

2013-06-26 Throwing Myself In

2013-06-23 An Unexpected Journey

2013-04-02 How and why to record your astronomy observations

2013-03-14 Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids!

2013-02-06 Weeping to the Cosmos

2013-02-05 Eastern Ozarks Astronomical Society Updates!

2013-01-26 Exploring the Universe Together

2013-01-18 Eastern Ozarks Astronomy Society First Night!

2013-01-16 Advocating for Science Literacy and Reason

2013-01-09 Second night with the Z12

2013-01-07 12" Zhumell Dobsonian Review and First Light

2013-01-07 Just to let you know

2012-12-30 A Cold and Snowy Night!

2012-12-23 Buying a Telescope

2012-12-18 A comparison of sea ice extent before the melting period began in  March 2012 and after the melting …

2012-12-18 Geminids and Galaxies

2012-12-12 Finding Bliss in the Universe

2012-12-06 Fire in the sky

2012-12-04 Dancing with the clouds

2012-12-01 Observational Astronomy: The basic skills of science

2012-11-27 On being agnostic

2012-11-26 Climate Change and Science Literacy

2012-11-26 The Whirlpool Galaxy

2012-11-24 The Virgo Galaxy Cluster!

2012-11-22 Astronomy Outreach at Antonia Middle School

2012-11-18 Viewing Jupiter and Saturn!

2012-11-18 The Herschel 400

2012-11-14 Pondering the Future

2012-09-28 Stargazing from the front yard

2012-07-15 A vintage desk, cooperatively built

2012-07-15 Cooling and heating at the same time!

2012-06-30 Tiny Cabin and Tiny Workspace Organization

2012-06-11 Progress on Interior Redesign!

2012-06-08 Interior Redesign

2012-05-21 Free Range vs Pastured Chickens

2012-05-21 Hugelculture Illustrated

2012-05-04 Three weeks with the new iPad

2012-05-02 Video Tour

2012-05-02 Four years at the Homestead

2012-01-04 Winter's Soul

2012-01-04 Jeesh, what a slacker!

2011-09-06 Shooting the Recurve!

2011-08-31 More Chickens!

2011-08-26 Being a one man shop

2011-08-24 Jeesh

2011-06-05 Petunia and her baby

2011-05-24 Heaven on Earth

2011-05-17 Small is Beautiful!

2011-05-03 First Friday in the new Gallery!

2011-05-03 Plenty of rain around here!

2011-04-13 Greening up fast!

2011-03-28 Missouri's Madison County

2011-03-26 Garden Rising

2011-03-06 First Friday Fredericktown

2011-03-04 Hugelculture Beds!

2011-03-04 Seedlings!

2011-02-15 Solar Air Heater!

2011-02-12 Winter into Spring

2010-12-27 Petunia is alive and well

2010-12-19 MacProductive

2010-12-19 The Quiet of Winter

2010-10-27 Getting stuff done: Hugelkultur beds and greenhouse bed

2010-10-23 Land Update

2010-10-15 Sad, Sad, Sad

2010-10-04 A Little Village

2010-09-30 Conservation and Land Ethic

2010-09-12 Early Fall

2010-09-02 The Gulland Forge Broadfork!

2010-08-26 Gulland and his Broadfork Blog

2010-08-25 Finally, some cool

2010-07-15 Me and Petunia

2010-07-09 Darn it

2010-07-09 Growing and eating local food

2010-06-20 Homestead Life and Death

2010-06-14 The Economics of the BP Gulf Disaster

2010-06-10 Some Climate Change Facts

2010-06-09 Geek Gardening: A Wired Guide to Domestic Terraforming

2010-06-08 Making my claim in the gulf

2010-06-07 Swale and Food Forest Update

2010-05-30 Lots going on...

2010-05-17 Covered Porch Progress!

2010-05-10 First Salad!!

2010-05-09 New Natives

2010-05-05 The Garden Grows!

2010-05-05 Cowbirds!!

2010-05-02 The Quiet Moments of the Simple Life

2010-05-01 The Morning Crew

2010-04-30 My iPad Guilt

2010-04-26 Visiting Adventurers!

2010-04-19 Swarms and Other Homestead News

2010-04-05 Happy Bees and other news

2010-03-24 Simple Life, Community Life

2010-03-22 Keeping the Peace

2010-03-22 Geek in the Garden

2010-03-09 Dreaming of Loretta

2010-03-09 Fun with Bees

2010-02-22 Fredericktown, MO Website

2010-02-21 Thinking of Spring

2010-01-04 Warm and Cozy!

2009-12-28 Deeper is not Better

2009-12-28 Copenhagen Aftermath

2009-12-21 Climate change, the translation

2009-12-21 In Transition 1.0

2009-12-18 Birds!

2009-12-14 My Climate Change “Action Plan”

2009-12-14 Loretta Missing

2009-12-03 Wood Stove Thermal Mass Update

2009-11-27 Dumbed Down and Out

2009-11-19 Taking of Life

2009-11-09 Recycled kitchen table and other projects

2009-10-16 Adding Thermal Mass for the Wood Stove

2009-10-16 I Shot Two Dogs

2009-10-07 Sunrise

2009-09-21 Fertility in progress...

2009-09-19 Loretta

2009-09-19 Basil, Basil, Basil

2009-09-09 Welcoming natives and critters into our garden

2009-09-09 Not an orchard, a food forest!

2009-09-03 Rooted in a place

2009-08-24 A day's harvest

2009-08-20 Permaculture Workshop Series

2009-08-20 Learning from Nature with Sheet Mulching

2009-08-20 Permaculture and critters

2009-08-15 Thoughts on the garden

2009-08-11 Communities and Guilds

2009-08-10 Worth reading...

2009-08-05 Guineas!

2009-08-05 Rain-filled Swale

2009-08-01 Connecting and Cooperating

2009-07-27 Return to the Local

2009-07-27 Living the life...

2009-07-16 Still here... midsummer update

2009-06-12 Updates

2009-06-01 Orphaned Fawn

2009-06-01 Garden a'growin

2009-06-01 Another cabin almost complete

2009-05-19 New Cabin Progress!

2009-05-18 Junior and Waffle

2009-05-12 Garden in full swing

2009-05-01 The Bees Have Landed

2009-04-29 Morel

2009-04-29 Pesto with Hickory Nuts!

2009-04-29 Busy Birds and Bees

2009-04-21 Zebra Swallowtail

2009-04-15 Food Forest and Garden Update

2009-04-01 Dandelion and Basil

2009-03-30 Chicken Coop Greenhouse

2009-03-24 Deepening Crisis

2009-03-20 The Sunset Party

2009-03-16 Spring Garden Updates

2009-03-09 Reclaimed Wood Chicken Coop Greenhouse and Other News

2009-02-27 A Nice Surprise

2009-02-25 Abyss Indeed

2009-02-21 Getting through this

2009-02-20 Beeeeees and other updates

2009-02-10 Buddy and the Girls

2009-02-08 A Life in Transition

2009-02-06 Good old days...

2009-02-06 A Boy and his Chickens

2009-02-06 Antarctic ice shelf set to collapse

2009-01-30 deCleyre Co-op's new site

2009-01-26 Winter Business

2009-01-18 Time stands still

2009-01-18 An animal walking in the woods

2009-01-09 Want hands on experience with ecological gardening and permaculture?

2009-01-02 Climate change and the need for drastic action

2008-12-24 Coming together

2008-12-24 The right way to burn wood

2008-12-17 This small town

2008-12-12 Quiet days

2008-11-21 Understanding the Greater Depression

2008-11-17 Climate change, global depression and consumption

2008-11-11 Homesteading Self-reliance

2008-11-06 Living with a wood burning stove

2008-10-08 Forest Garden Update

2008-10-05 Autumn Olive Update

2008-09-29 Peeling the Onion: What’s Behind the Financial Mess?

2008-09-29 The Greatest Looting Operation in History

2008-09-26 Garden and Harvest Update

2008-09-24 The Injustice of an Absurd Bailout

2008-09-22 Food Forests

2008-09-15 Chainsaw

2008-09-15 The Crash Course

2008-09-06 Autumn Olive!!

2008-09-05 Alone in the Woods

2008-09-01 Permaculture Guilds

2008-08-19 Weekly Garden Update

2008-08-18 Cabin Progress

2008-08-07 Books for self reliance

2008-08-07 Zucchini and Cukes!!

2008-08-04 Growing into tomorrow

2008-07-27 Weekly Update: We have produce!

2008-07-27 Improvised shade for energy conservation

2008-07-24 Forest Gardening

2008-07-20 Living without an air conditioner and the end of the world

2008-07-20 Days of gardening

2008-07-20 The great eggsperiment

2008-07-16 Aquatic plants in the compost and mulch in the garden

2008-07-13 Foraging and Gardening

2008-07-10 A Busy Week!!

2008-07-03 Inside Outside

2008-06-30 Walking, gardening, and eating catfish

2008-06-30 FISA Amendments Act Legalizes Lawlessness

2008-06-27 Days of little chores

2008-06-27 Rain Barrel Nerd

2008-05-05 Humanure!!

2008-04-19 Why won't CNN cover Bush and Co. Torture?

2008-02-26 Sharp-shinned Hawk

2008-02-24 Rockets, Hamsters, Presidents, and a planet at the brink

2008-02-23 Our planet needs a global recession

2008-02-04 Noam Chomsky on Obama

2008-01-04 Enchanted Planet Images

2007-12-18 Growing Native

2007-12-14 Burden

2007-11-26 Fall Light

2007-11-03 A Flower

2007-10-10 Summer Ends

2007-10-08 An eco-friendly way of dealing with fall leaves

2007-10-05 New England Aster

2007-10-04 Gray Tree Frog

2007-09-27 Hey Buddy

2007-09-16 Chickory

2007-09-16 This is funny

2007-09-15 Yellow Wood-Sorrel

2007-09-10 Melting ice cap triggering earthquakes in Greenland

2007-09-08 An ice-free Arctic in just 23 years?

2007-09-04 Saddleback Buddies

2007-06-19 On giving up

2007-05-27 Dictatorship Directives NSPD 51 and HSPD-20

2007-05-24 Bush Issues Directives Giving Bush Complete Power: NSPD 51 and HSPD-20

2007-05-21 Al Gore's climate change hypocrisy

2007-04-28 Cutting grass without gas

2007-04-23 Of bees and flowers

2007-04-15 Where Have the Honey Bees Gone?

2007-04-12 Climate Change Round-up

2007-04-11 Gray Tree Frog

2007-04-09 John McCain's Iraq Delusions

2007-04-09 Fly Away

2007-04-03 Climate Change Roundup

2007-03-22 Bloodroot

2007-03-21 Sea Level Rise Could Accelerate

2007-03-21 Arctic could have iceless summers by 2100

2007-03-20 One day a tomato

2007-03-14 Northern Spring Peeper

2007-03-13 Tree Bud

2007-03-13 Honeybees Vanishing

2007-03-13 The fish are dying

2007-02-26 Winter Sunset

2007-02-12 Climate change and the meat industry

2007-02-12 Recreating society for the new tomorrow

2007-02-06 A new time frame for climate change

2007-02-06 Game over on global warming?

2007-02-02 Bush and Co. lied to get their war...

2007-01-19 I can't keep up with the climate change news

2007-01-19 A hotter planet means a burning planet... literally

2007-01-19 The Warming of Greenland

2007-01-09 Union of Concerned Scientists report on ExxonMobil's climate change disinformation

2007-01-08 The Warming

2006-12-29 Ice shelf collapses in Canada

2006-12-27 Polar bears to get 'threatened' listing thanks to climate change

2006-12-27 Birds, Bears, and Climate Change

2006-12-27 Oceans Warming and Rising

2006-12-26 Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2006

2006-12-21 Europe wonders where the snow is

2006-12-21 Free copies of "An Inconvenient Truth" for educators

2006-12-21 Greenhouse Gas Is Ramping Up Fast

2006-12-19 The melting of the Equator's glaciers causing significant problems

2006-12-18 My amazing Memphis friends

2006-12-18 Climate change and phytoplankton

2006-12-18 Stolen Elections and Empire

2006-12-16 Sea level rise 'under-estimated'

2006-12-16 Feeding ourselves on a warmer planet

2006-12-14 China's white dolphin called extinct after 20 million years

2006-12-14 2006 Britain's hottest year since records began

2006-12-14 2006 Set to be 6th Warmest Worldwide

2006-11-27 Of politics and a warming planet

2006-11-15 Peak Oil and Climate Change Round-up

2006-11-10 Time travel and climate change

2006-10-29 Climate change and global consumption

2006-10-03 You think there will be an election in 2008? How quaint.

2006-09-28 HR 6166, S 3930, and the trashing of an already trampled Constitution

2006-09-23 A brief Bush, Torture, Constitution, War round-up

2006-09-19 More steps taken towards the next illegal war

2006-09-15 American Stupidity and Willful Ignorance

2006-09-14 'Drastic' shrinkage in Arctic ice

2006-09-09 Saddam, 9/11, and the effects of propaganda

2006-09-08 The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community

2006-09-08 Do the right thing?

2006-08-07 Peak Oil and the Chicago Tribune

2006-08-01 Rest in peace, Murray Bookchin

2006-07-29 Easy way to save energy

2006-07-25 Israel War Crimes Update

2006-07-24 Climate change round-up... or, I guess we're not so smart after all

2006-07-19 Israeli War Crimes

2006-07-17 It is time for the people to lead

2006-07-16 July 13, 2006, Daniel Yergin Day

2006-07-16 Hot, Hot, Hot: First Half of 2006 Sets Heat Record

2006-07-15 Bush, Putin, and democracy

2006-07-15 Israel, Hizbullah, and the U.S.

2006-07-14 Israel's violence is really starting to piss me off

2006-07-11 Concerns of the New America

2006-07-07 Where have all the butterflies gone?

2006-07-04 A few Climate Change links of interest... Superman won't save our asses

2006-07-03 Goldfinch in the garden

2006-06-06 Through my window: life in a woodland

2006-06-03 Why I'm alone on my birthday... or, Feedback Loops In Global Climate Change Point To A Very Hot 21st Century

2006-05-30 deCleyre Cooperative Update

2006-05-25 The Future of Agriculture

2006-05-25 What If They Gave a War...?

2006-05-22 deCleyre Co-op being revived

2006-05-21 Less Oil, More Wars

2006-05-21 Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point

2006-05-19 National Security and the CIA: Judge protects law breaking

2006-05-12 The People are the enemy?

2006-05-09 A visit to the Missouri Botanical Gardens

2006-05-04 Climate Change Round Up... Getting Worse, Much Worse

2006-05-03 Peak Oil Round Up... These are interesting times

2006-04-27 The Oil Discussion is way off base

2006-04-25 Oil in the center

2006-04-15 Garter Snake

2006-04-15 America's Iraq

2006-04-12 Oh no Iran's going to have the Bomb in 16 Days!

2006-04-12 Java Cabana

2006-04-12 Biolab lies catching up to Bush

2006-04-12 Bush's real plans for immigration: war fodder?

2006-04-10 Iran

2006-04-09 Peak Oil on Global Players

2006-04-09 What a miracle!

2006-04-08 Bush and Gonzales claim executive power to tap all domestic calls

2006-04-08 Bush's Lies, Leaks, and Surveillance Keep Coming

2006-04-06 Harry Taylor speaks truth to the War Criminal

2006-04-04 The ecology of doom

2006-04-01 Learn to identify plants by families and change the way you look at plants

2006-03-29 We're all in real trouble

2006-03-27 Even the corporate media begins to see we are at the tipping point

2006-03-26 The Oceans are rising

2006-03-25 There are no easy energy solutions

2006-03-25 Kevin Phillips on American Theocracy, Politics of Radical Religion and Oil

2006-03-22 V for Vendetta, A for Anarchism

2006-03-20 Top Ten Catastrophes of the Third Year of American Agression

2006-03-19 St. Louis Anti-War protest

2006-03-18 Halliburton and Homeland Security's Endgame

2006-03-18 New analysis says global warming boosts hurricanes

2006-03-17 Oil and US perception

2006-03-16 Western Shoshone defending their land rights: victory at UN

2006-03-16 Anti-war Assembly in St. Louis on March 19th

2006-03-14 Bush's Iran Lies

2006-03-14 Climate Change Round-up

2006-03-14 US Army concerned about Peak Oil and its impact on the military

2006-03-13 Firefly

2006-03-13 NYT on Anarchism and Co-op Life

2006-03-04 Why Peak Oil is now

2006-03-02 Consensus grows on climate change, US refuses to cooperate

2006-03-01 NYT says peak oil "almost certainly correct"

2006-02-25 Remember the Iraqi Information Minister?

2006-02-20 Earth warmest in a millennium, glaciers melting faster

2006-02-18 Oil: Venezuela and Nigeria

2006-02-15 New Abu Ghraib Photos

2006-02-15 Over 11,000 FEMA trailers sit unused in Arkansas

2006-02-15 Top Ten Ways Iraq is like Harry Whittington

2006-02-14 Cheney uses $21,000 shotgun to miss bird, hit man

2006-02-13 Freedom or Fascism?

2006-02-13 What's more ridiculous than protesting of cartoons?

2006-02-12 Creating The Modern "EcoHood"

2006-02-08 The Battle For America

2006-02-07 The Oil Drum series on The Carbon Economy

2006-02-07 The new diggs

2006-02-04 Rumsfeld Compares Chavez’s Election To Hitler’s

2006-02-04 Battlestar Galactica

2006-02-04 The Oil Drum series on The Carbon Economy Stuart Staniford over at The Oil Drum has started a …

2006-01-30 Climate Change Round-up

2006-01-29 Peak Oil Round-up

2006-01-27 Peak Oil and Anarchism

2006-01-27 Podcast: Activism, anarchism, citizenship, living an engaged life

2006-01-26 Podcast: Climate Change and Peak Oil

2006-01-26 No progress in Iraq

2006-01-21 Of blogging and living

2006-01-14 Apparently I'm bored...

2005-12-28 Climate Change: end of year round up

2005-12-21 Senator Robert Byrd challenges King George

2005-12-18 King George Spying on America

2005-12-17 Of work and carbon footprints

2005-12-10 US alone at world climate talks

2005-12-10 Nobel lecture by Pinter a devastating assault on US foreign policy

2005-12-10 Just the beginning of the peak: Energy and Economy

2005-12-08 Snow and Winter Birding

2005-12-06 Learning to create sustainable communities

2005-12-05 Saddam Hussein, Donald Rumsfeld, and Torture in Iraq

2005-12-04 Peak energy and the lessons of 2005

2005-12-04 Climate Change: Atlantic Circulation slowing, increased hurricane season, less snow in Arctic Tundra

2005-12-03 Oil and Energy Peak in the media

2005-11-28 Did the Pentagon admit that White Phosphorus is a chemical weapon?

2005-11-24 Bush and Al-Jazeera

2005-11-23 Potential of solar power

2005-11-18 White House Stolen in 2004

2005-11-16 US admits it used white phosphorus as a weapon in Iraq

2005-11-16 White Phosphorus: Military lies, media omissions

2005-11-13 Of Torture and Dictatorship

2005-11-11 The American Dream according to George Carlin

2005-11-10 Peak Oil round up

2005-11-07 Documentary Evidence: U.S. used Napalm and White Phosphorus in Fallujah

2005-11-05 George Carlin

2005-11-04 Bush: closet anarchist

2005-11-01 A Slap in the face

2005-10-22 Climate Change Roundup

2005-10-22 Peak Oil in the Corporate Media

2005-10-19 Peak Oil and the coming crisis

2005-10-19 A glimpse of our post-oil future

2005-10-13 About that camping trip

2005-09-30 Heading out... to camp!

2005-09-27 What would you do?

2005-09-27 Oil, Natural Gas, and Gasoline: Shortage is coming

2005-09-23 Creating an Ecological Society

2005-09-21 Rita: The perfect storm and peak oil

2005-09-20 Democracy Now! interview Venezuela's President Chavez

2005-09-19 Iraq oil war becoming a civil war?

2005-09-19 Post Carbon Institute

2005-09-18 Community Solutions to Peak Oil

2005-09-18 Katrina: Let the media whitewash begin

2005-09-18 Millenium Ecosystem Assessment details human impact on Earth

2005-09-16 Bush and Co: Hiding behind disaster, hiding the Iraq breadcrumbs

2005-09-12 Blackwater mercenaries now operating in New Orleans

2005-09-09 Time to Impeach George W. Bush

2005-09-07 Bush spin and denial of reality

2005-09-06 New Orlean's toxic soup and our collective future

2005-09-05 George Bush, the son...

2005-09-03 Kayne West tells the simple truth...

2005-09-02 Katrina: What to do with the toxic remains of a dead city

2005-09-02 Katrina web resource for tracking eco-news

2005-09-02 Katrina: Response Incompetence

2005-09-01 Katrina: New Orleans flood could have been prevented

2005-09-01 $5.6 Billion Per Month in Iraq

2005-08-28 Will Katrina bring oil to $100?

2005-08-27 The Bulldog Manifesto: Orwellian 101

2005-08-24 The price of oil

2005-08-22 EIA: Oil demand to surpass supply and NYT on Peak Oil

2005-08-22 What passes for news these days... a note to CNN

2005-08-22 Peak Oil and the Corporate Media Delusion

2005-08-19 NYT on Peak Oil

2005-08-16 Thinking Like a Mountain... What are we?

2005-08-11 Oil: $66/barrel

2005-08-09 Cindy Sheehan brings it to the White House Coward

2005-08-08 Oil hits $64/barrel, U.S. dependent on Saudi Arabia

2005-08-08 TeleSur goes live

2005-08-07 Evidence of climate change

2005-08-03 The American Right and Radical Extremists

2005-08-01 9/11 Conspiracy

2005-07-24 Cardinal Flower

2005-07-23 White House war criminals fight for their "right" to torture

2005-07-22 Feist in my ears

2005-07-21 Karl Rove is a distraction

2005-07-18 The Patriot Act Used Against U.S. Activists

2005-07-17 Are Warmer Oceans Killing West Coast Marine Life?

2005-07-15 Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

2005-07-11 The Community Solution to Peak Oil

2005-07-09 U.S. Supporting Terrorist Group in Iran?

2005-07-08 New Blog on the Block

2005-07-07 London Bombings and Iraq

2005-07-05 First Videocast: A Native Landscape

2005-07-04 The Declaration of Independence of The United States of America

2005-07-04 Podcast: Independence Day and Reflections on an Experiment

2005-07-03 Anarchism & American Traditions

2005-07-03 A New Declaration of Independence Independence

2005-07-01 U.S. Senate and fuel economy: More studies

2005-06-29 Apparently Iraq is not a Quagmire

2005-06-29 Those "Bumps in the Road" are Iraqi dead

2005-06-28 Hey, I'm in the iTunes Music Store!

2005-06-28 Podcast: Natural Landscaping and Fossil Fuels

2005-06-27 Of Futility and Chickens Roosting

2005-06-26 Last throes indeed

2005-06-24 Garden Happenings

2005-06-20 Impeachable Offenses

2005-06-20 Tom Dispatch and Mark Danner on the Downing Street Memo

2005-06-16 No more delays: Resolution of Inquiry

2005-06-16 In Support of a Resolution of Inquiry

2005-06-13 The International Criminal Court and Blair/Bush

2005-06-12 The Downing Street Memo Resource Site

2005-06-12 Bush and Blair War Games

2005-06-11 Casualties in Iraq

2005-06-10 The Downing Street Memo and Impeachment of George Bush

2005-06-09 How much Oil are you eating?

2005-06-09 Clueless about our energy crisis

2005-06-09 Bush is a Sith Lord

2005-06-07 Gray Tree Frogs and a beautiful rainy day

2005-06-05 Living Simply: No S Diet and the Shovelglove

2005-06-04 Common sense and the need to defeat religious conservatives

2005-06-03 Dying in Iraq

2005-06-03 Oenothera macrocarpa - Missouri Primrose

2005-06-01 One-fifth of Earth's bird species in danger

2005-05-31 Bush: Amnesty report 'absurd', Denny: George Bush a complete idiot

2005-05-30 Crude awakening

2005-05-29 Wow... USATODAY/AP reporting on Peak Oil?

2005-05-26 Newsweek and Corporate Media Contradictions

2005-05-25 Amnesty condemns US example on human rights

2005-05-25 The lies before the preemptive war

2005-05-24 The Potential of Wind Power

2005-05-23 Banning Newsweek?

2005-05-16 Bird Tracker 1.0 - FileMaker Pro database

2005-05-15 Time Management for Anarchists: The Movie

2005-05-14 Conditions in Iraq spiral downward

2005-05-14 Summer Tanager and late night rain

2005-05-14 OPEC at it's highest production in history

2005-05-11 Growing Native Presentation

2005-05-10 Spiderwort

2005-05-06 Scarlet Tanager

2005-05-02 Radical Noesis - A new site about oil and global warming

2005-05-01 Mac OS 10.4 Tiger - A few thoughts

2005-04-30 Podscope - Indexed podcasts searchable via text

2005-04-28 Ivory-billed Woodpecker not extinct!

2005-04-27 Columbine

2005-04-21 Our oil-based life coming to an end

2005-04-20 Conversations

2005-04-19 Jacob's Ladder

2005-04-08 Of blogging and gardening

2005-03-23 Spring Birds in Missouri

2005-03-18 Halliburton Overcharging

2005-03-18 Iraq: Going nowhere fast

2005-03-10 President Rosco

2005-03-10 War and Democracy in Iraq: Casualties continue to climb

2005-03-08 Spring gardening in Missouri

2005-03-05 Pocast: Oil and Economy

2005-03-03 Podcast: Technology, Knowledge, and Democracy

2005-03-03 The New Iraq: Torture, Rape, and Murder

2005-03-02 Stopping the NAFTA Superhighway

2005-03-01 The European Union: A Different Kind of Dream

2005-02-26 Venezuela's Chavez embraces socialism

2005-02-25 Monsters, bullies and bastards

2005-02-23 The Antiwar Movement Confronts Army Recruiters

2005-02-22 New studies of oceans and melting Arctic ice confirm warmer planet

2005-02-20 How Democracy "works" in Iraq

2005-02-20 Government Secrecy and Power

2005-02-18 Podcast: Media, Information and Reality

2005-02-18 Ocean Life

2005-02-17 Gulls

2005-02-17 Of Pots and Kettles, Bush's Syria Pronouncement

2005-02-17 US: Least Informed, Best Entertained

2005-02-15 Understanding Power

2005-02-14 Humans: Losing our way?

2005-02-11 Ward Churchill and his sins against empire

2005-02-11 U.S. Scientists Ordered to Lie

2005-02-09 The end of laws: H.R. 418

2005-02-09 Empire and Uppity Indians

2005-02-08 The Shithouse-Crazy Cowboy

2005-02-07 What is Kyoto all about?

2005-02-04 Willful Ignorance

2005-02-04 "Some People Push Back" On the Justice of Roosting Chickens

2005-02-03 Climate change past the turning point?

2005-02-02 Speaking of the First Amendment...

2005-02-02 Macintosh Consulting in St. Louis

2005-02-01 Richard Perle, Iraq, and other Neocon adventures

2005-02-01 Ward Churchill, context of argument, and the First Amendment

2005-01-31 Elections in Iraq

2005-01-30 Living Simply: Bodycare

2005-01-30 Weaving Community showing at National Conference on Organized Resistance

2005-01-26 Podcast: Noam Chomsky Mix 1

2005-01-26 Who is innocent?

2005-01-25 Are you cruel?

2005-01-22 Ocean pictures

2005-01-22 The Grid Remix Podcast

2005-01-21 Four more years... bring 'em on

2005-01-18 Which side are you on?

2005-01-17 CBS lies, Bush lies

2005-01-16 Protesting the inauguration... and the Democrats

2005-01-14 George Bush: Arrogant liar and murderer

2005-01-14 A haunting end to hunt for WMD

2005-01-13 How do you know?

2005-01-12 Confession of an X Files addict

2005-01-11 Republican Jesus

2005-01-11 The new Mac mini

2005-01-10 The Salvador option and Iraq

2005-01-08 January 6, 2005: Hey, hey Democracy, we never knew ya

2005-01-07 Alternative Energy Blog

2005-01-06 The Conyers Report: What Went Wrong in Ohio

2005-01-02 Thoughts on the development of a community economy

2004-12-29 RealClimate: Blogging by climate scientists

2004-12-29 Is This What Democracy Looks Like?

2004-12-28 Self-determination

2004-12-27 Will Kerry Unconcede?

2004-12-27 Grass now established in warmer Antarctic

2004-12-27 Bush ordered torture in Iraq

2004-12-23 Ohio and the crumbling facade of democracy

2004-12-22 Blogs: do we learn from disagreement?

2004-12-22 Getting to know Direct Action

2004-12-22 Americans are killing their Christ

2004-12-21 German solar energy development shows the way

2004-12-20 Oil and Empire

2004-12-18 American Jesus

2004-12-18 Thousands of U.S. troops have deserted since invasion of Iraq

2004-12-16 Pentagon nervous about Germany's war crimes case against Rumsfeld

2004-12-15 Public life and public space: Europe and the U.S.

2004-12-14 Ohio Recount: Blackwell Locks Out Recount Volunteers

2004-12-14 What is before us?

2004-10-04 Iraq's destruction based on aluminum tube lies

2003-08-11 Killing the truth Very interesting article at the Washington Post: Depiction of Threat Outgrew …

2003-08-10 Lilly We create each other. August 10, 2003 I don’t believe it: Halliburton getting most of …

2003-08-09 Moblog comment Okay, maybe it was too late at night for me to try but last night’s phone-based …

2003-08-09 Community Technology or How Do We Grow Our Tomatoes? 

2003-08-08 The President get’s his vacation, did you get yours? This is gross. Really. We’re paying …

2003-08-07 To TypePad, or not to TypePad Well, I guess I don’t have to decide today but soon. Do I switch …

2003-08-06 Pixels and Paper Jason over at has some interesting thoughts on how we read differently …

2003-08-04 Executive Orders for big oil

2003-08-03 How Bush and Company support the troops

2003-08-02 Current project

2003-08-01 Why you want more Dubya in 2004

2003-07-31 Batman the way nature intended

2003-07-30 We're not liberators?

2003-07-29 Geneva Conventions. Protocol 1.

2003-07-27 Photo's from the storm

2003-07-24 Crazy in Memphis

2003-07-21 Homeland security

2003-07-21 Zeldman interview Okay, for the Apple geeks and the web geeks, there’s a good interview with …

2003-07-20 Earth to Bush... come in...

2003-07-20 The downward spiral

2003-07-14 t68i Review

2003-07-14 You won't see this reporting in a U.S. newspaper

2003-07-13 Hiding out

2003-07-13 Bush's lies are catching up to him

2003-07-09 Aquarium

2003-07-08 Going, going, gone?

2003-07-07 You won’t see this reporting in a U.S. newspaper Red, white and worried Post-war euphoria …

2003-07-06 Watching the Government

2003-07-06 Presidential manipulation

2003-07-06 The troops are frustrated

2003-07-05 Remember this?

2003-07-04 What a nightmare

2003-07-04 Cost of the war

2003-07-03 Maybe it’s the heat? Boy, I’m slackin. I have not been motivated to do anything the past …

2003-07-02 Victims

2003-06-30 Normalcy? Democracy? I found this story over at the Daily Kos. Concerning Nader voters and …

2003-06-29 Movie Madness

2003-06-26 Mac OS 10.3 Panther

2003-06-25 Apple's Latest

2003-06-25 Bush's Scam

2003-06-22 Blogging and the new citizenship

2003-06-21 The Iraq Debacle

2003-06-20 I shouldn’t be at the keyboard You see, I’m a bit drunk and I get the feeling that …

2003-06-19 Warning: Sharp rocks

2003-06-18 Democracy and Blogsville

2003-06-17 Shiny and pretty Yes indeedy, I took a leap into the New Weblog Showcase. I was unable to enter a …

2003-06-16 The American Empire

2003-06-14 Obligatory post about a soon to be dead web browser

2003-06-13 The wrong direction 1908- Ford’s Model T averaged 25 miles per gallon 2003- Ford’s fleet …

2003-06-12 Freedom or Fascism?

2003-06-10 The Gen3 iPod

2003-06-08 Is the fabric of lies coming undone?

2003-06-06 The folks over at Cyber Ecology are continuing the food systems discussion. Tenniel does a great job …

2003-06-05 More Georgie boy lies Nothing but lies. It is truly astounding but not unexpected. Everyday there is …

2003-06-04 Still eating meat? Some days I am sooooo glad I’m a vegetarian. An excellent story over at a …

2003-06-03 Conversations with my brother Iraq. War. George and Saddam. U.S. terrorism. Marriage and …

2003-06-02 Calm today

2003-06-02 How we carry our music

2003-06-01 Saltwater spray

2003-05-30 Going out for vacation

2003-05-25 Food and Health and Manipulation, er, Hope

2003-05-25 The obscenity of the Hummer

2003-05-24 To benefit the Iraqi people?

2003-05-22 It's those little details...

2003-05-21 Scale of Democracy

2003-05-20 The FCC monster… Just a friendly reminder that on 2 June 2003 the FCC proposes to remove laws …

2003-05-17 George Bush went AWOL

2003-05-15 Playing Card Deck for U.S. Regime Change...

2003-05-14 My day job...

2003-05-14 The Matrix

2003-05-14 Frustrations with BellSouth FastAccess DSL

2003-05-14 Music

2003-05-14 Nifty gadget software

2003-05-12 The FCC makes me sick

2003-05-11 In a funk

2003-04-29 Where have I been?

2003-04-11 There's something very, very wrong with this picture...

2003-04-09 A tale of pies I love the Biotic Baking Brigade. There latest target? A reporter of the corporate …

2003-04-07 MLK March

2003-04-06 God Talk

2003-03-31 Check it out Blogs Against War, a new anti-war blogs/news aggregator. A great place to go for …

2003-03-30 Michael Moore Directed Anti-War Video Check it out: system of a down Boom 03/30/2003 Iraqi …

2003-03-29 What the world thinks? I’m question the accuracy of this, but it’s certainly worth …

2003-03-28 Now I'm pathetic?

2003-03-27 Are Truth and consicence dead?

2003-03-26 The worst of Memphis Gangs

2003-03-26 Too much to do...

2003-03-23 Turn up your speakers to the highest level possible. Then go here. Do it right now.

2003-03-22 More anti-war protests downtown Memphis… In the past several days there have been two more …

2003-03-20 Regime Change in the U.S. I’m hoping this will be big. Real big. Actually, it’s kinda …

2003-03-19 Sound familiar? “Why of course the people don’t want war. … But after all it is …

2003-03-18 Oh boy So, yes it’s off to war. I’m working on setting up a new site. Hopefully …

2003-03-17 Oh, hey, there's good news...

2003-03-16 Inside and Outside Okay. It’s exactly 66 degrees today in Memphis. Not even close to what …

2003-03-15 Anti-war protest downtown Memphis… We gathered in downtown Memphis for a couple hours today …

2003-03-14 Goin it alone Christopher Allbritton, a former AP and New York Daily News reporter, now an …

2003-03-13 You’re kidding me, right? “His Lonely March… Bush would love as much support as …

2003-03-12 Cooperation and Communication

2003-03-11 Reminds me more and more of Star Trek I have to wonder, if humanity doesn’t destroy itself …

2003-03-08 Blix and El-Baradei: Key points Key points of the weapons inspectors' reports to the UN security …

2003-03-07 Disappointed

2003-03-05 Weaving Community

2003-03-04 Oh what a splendid day Winters in Memphis, TN have there ups and downs. The down is that it’s …

2003-03-03 Think before I act, think before I act, think...

2003-03-02 03/02/2003 To be human What does it mean to be alive on this planet today, February 6, 2003? Of …

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